Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011's first painted miniatures

These miniatures were originally tacked on to the end of my previous blogpost - I decided that they required their own instead! Presenting (again) the first miniatures of 2011! 

Commissar Ghar, currently assigned to the 42nd/155th (amalg.) Attican "Jesters" Regiment of the Imperial Guard 

First of several Commissars for my Guard army. I love the latest Commissar miniatures and also have the "summary execution" bolt pistol-wielding one too.
The plasma pistol's coils are purple - not quite as dark in real life as in the picture. I do wish they'd given him a decently scaled pistol though! I've recently been buying up the Forgeworld Imperial Guard plasma pistols I can find on various bit sites.

Lunk - Ogryn Hired Gun/Bodyguard - wielding a Karthax N82 Riot Gun 

Lunk is ready to protect whoever has the cred to hire him. A member of the Imperial Guard until his company was demobbed, this abhuman ventured to the Underhive in order to slake his thirst for the local grog and ripperjack stew. 

Lunk was one of my first conversions when I returned to the hobby. He previously had the daft metal head with the horns, which I swapped for a plastic one from the Fantasy Ogre Bulls. I really like the current ones, with their ogryn-sized body armour (and I do intend to buy the one holding the ripper gun two handed to sub for Nork Deddog) - they do seem a bit more standard-army than these older ones. Which makes the older ones suitable for Necromunda...

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