Thursday, 30 December 2010

Vault Scavengers

Presenting the last bunch of painted miniatures for 2010 - a bunch of Scavengers making up another one of the factions in my wasteland setting, but equally at home in AE Bounty, perhaps eking out an existence on a waste planet? These are all sculpted by Mark Copplestone, with four being sold by em4 Miniatures and the rest from Copplestone Castings. 
This is the gang in it's entirety - the only member missing is another of the ones directly from Copplestone Casting - a rather cool member of the gang in balaclava and wielding a shotgun. He's sadly disappeared from my painting pile, so he'll have to get some paint when I eventually re-find him.
The Scav leader - the first of the bunker to leave after several generations evading the radioactive fallout underground. Armed with a very decent combat rifle as well as various other tricks in his pack, this guy is a born survivor.
Reginald - always a bit of an oddball in the Vault, Reg was allocated "Cleanliness Supervisor". It was during this job that he discovered the bunker's overstocked rubber gloves cupboard...
Vlad - mechanic and tinkerer, constantly making improvements to the support weapon he carries for the team.
Anton - one of the forward scouts of the gang, Anton developed his recon skills during a youth spent in the depths of the bunker.
Tedward - former Merc, recently taken into the Vault as one of their own
Jeph - out to avenge the death of his father, who was recently eaten by a giant spider infesting a local supermarket..

Lovely models these, and very easy to paint. Washes tend to work on them very nicely. I may expand these eventually, but for now they're finished and ready to venture out to source the essentials that the Vault is beginning to run low on after being sealed for such a length of time.

Mr. Suit - generic wasteland ne'er do well, objective, philanderer, bearer of the Crimson Case - within which it is said lie the keys to a vast repository of equipment and resources for whomever has the nuts to get past his hired guards and zombie pets...


  1. Bloody nice paintjobs on those, lovely colours, they work really well.

  2. High praise indeed, thanks very much mate!