Sunday, 26 December 2010

Random Works In Progress...

Harlequins - first assembled squad for my Dark Eldar. I've wanted to pick up some of these since returning to the hobby a few years ago, my best mate finally bought me a box of them for Christmas! I love these sculpts, although their shuriken pistols were horrible, clunky and not the graceful weapons you'd expect these combat acrobats to be using! I swapped the 4 in the unit with splinter pistols from the Dark Eldar Wyches.
Star Wars Yuzzem - the first of two Star Wars pre-paints that I received that were drastically larger than I'd expected. I picked up a couple of these from eBay as they were so cheap, so this one will receive a little sculpting work to cover up some moldlines and he'll appear in one of the planned AE Bounty crews. I switched out his piddly little pistol for a decent machine gun from the Void Junkers plastic kit. Quite cool that it looks like a pistol scaled up for his use! He's rebased onto a GW 40mm base.
Star Wars Loader Droid - probably a "VIP" or objective in games. He'd be transporting a crate to a waiting ship or somesuch, and the crews either need to stop or help him.
Star Wars Wookiee Scoundrel - another of the Star Wars pre-paints that has been rebased and received a pistol. The pistol is again from the Junkers sprues, where he's also received a shoulderpad from. He'll also get some sculpting work to cover up some moldlines that have been severely removed (by the manufacturer in this case).
Not sure what kind of alien this guy is, but this is the aforementioned other randomly-large Star Wars pre-paint. He's grown on me since I received him - I like that there's an air of Han Solo to the giant bugger! Another of the pre-paints suffering from crappy-gun-itis. He's got a snazzy metal pistol from Heresy Miniatures, a sword in sheath on his thigh and some extra pouches/rope/grenade from the Space Marine Scout sprue.

Finally, the not-Serenity from Ground Zero Games Full Thrust range. Would eventually be used in some space battle games to go alongside my planned AE Bounty games. I have a box of ships and interesting bits that will be raided for the project, but for now I've decided to just paint this.

In other news, I've also got around 8 other miniatures almost complete. If I decided to stay up a bit later tonight I could have them all based up for an update tomorrow (5 basic scavengers, the scav leader, a corporate fugitive and a not-Machete) but I'm feeling rather shattered and bed is calling... Ah well!

I've also just realised that I actually have 38 blog followers now - this is rather cool to say the least! Hey everyone!


  1. I love those Star Wars pre-paints, looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with them. Looking forward to seeing some AE-Bounty action too, I think we'll be playing that one pretty soon as well.

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  3. I'm a big fan of the pre-paints. Generally very cheap and one of the best sources for decent aliens!

    Cheers for the kind comments guys :)