Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ramshackle Games "Skeeta"

Received this lovely vehicle in the post a few days ago...
It's the Skeeta from Ramshackle Games - a nice little buggy in a lovely brutal post-apocalyptic style! Very cheap too at £5. The cast was quite clean, in resin, with a limited amount of parts to put together - the main body was one piece, with four seperate wheels. I had to remove some flash, fill some air bubbles and the heads of the bolts on the front of the vehicle were mostly missing or obscured by flash - I had to replace them with some sliced plastic rod. Overall a very nice kit! I'll probably end up buying the Pick-Up Truck once this is complete!

This was bought mainly as a terrain piece, but it'll be one of the transports for my post-apoc Scavengers or my AE Bounty smugglers.

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