Saturday, 16 October 2010

Bounty Hunter Crew - Team Leader.

Next member of the Bounty Hunters is complete...
This is a Viridian Colonial Marine Sergeant from Urban Mammoth. I got him on clearance at Arcane Miniatures and bloody hell, am I glad! He's great, looks like a one-man-army on his own, I love the meaty pistol and the hordes of grenades, the gasmask and the tons of pouches. He's generally a jack-of-all-trades for the Bloodhound bounty hunters, mainly switching between commlink operator and demolitions trooper. 
He has the red armour plating that characterises the whole crew, with a decent amount of military kit. The grenades will most likely be a mix of explosive and knock-out gas (the gas being more useful to a bounty hunter crew, who get more rewards for taking down opposing crew members alive). Part of the inspiration came from the troopers from Borderlands too...
Next up is the Heresy Miniatures not-Predator, the Hurn.

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