Sunday, 4 July 2010

Shadow Wraiths Master of the Forge

Introducing the only miniature I was planning on buying new for my Space Marines when I returned to the hobby...

I've always been a big fan of the latest GW Techmarine and his servitor retinue, ever since I first saw the preview pictures online. I love the segmented armour on the legs and the same sort of effect on the helmet. Just looks great! I also love the servo-harness, although it is a little busy, I think it's very fitting for a servant of the Machine Cult. Like a mobile workshop.

These are the first two Servitors for the Techmarine, done in a standard Adeptus Mechanicus style so I can use them in multiple roles depending on what I need - for the MotF/Techmarine, for a Imperial Guard-attached Enginseer, in a 40k Inquisitor's retinue or in 28mm Inquisitor and Inqmunda games.

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