Sunday, 4 July 2010

In the Imperial Navy...

Imperial Navy Armsman - this is a character for my Inquisitor 28mm games, one of my Inquisitor's most loyal henchmen, once an Armsman on a Imperial Navy vessel, the veteran warrior carried the unconcious form of the Inquisitor to a saviour pod, saving his life when the ship carrying the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor was ambushed by Ork pirates. The mini is one of the Catachan officers with boltpistol and chainsword replaced with a naval pistol and boarding cutlass. Thought it seemed like the perfect combination and made for a rather characterful miniature!


  1. Nice mods! where's that pistol from or is it scratch'd?

  2. Thanks :) Pistol is from the Necromunda range, appeared on a few different minis and on the (sadly OOP) weapon sprues. It has a decent amount of heft without being ridiculously oversized :)

  3. Just what i was thinking, not to big and not to small. Thanks for the responce.