Sunday, 11 July 2010

Imperial Half-Track PIP

Time for an update!

I've been working on the halftrack I posted pre-basecoat a little while ago:

I rarely paint vehicles as I've nearly always been interested in skirmishes rather than full on apocalyptic battles - they've just never been a big part of my wargames collection. Well, this is my most recent attempt, still rather work in progress!

This is a counts-as Chimera for use with my Imperial Guard, picked up rather cheap mostly-built at a flea market and turned into something a bit more 40k with a change of weaponry, added rivets, one Imperial Guard symbol and various bits of stowage. The camo netting was added in order to close off the top and add to the "recon" feel I was going for.

More painting will be done later once the latest wash is fully dry!


  1. Now that's nice, I like the grimy camo you're giving it. :)

  2. Looks great so far - nice & dirty!

  3. Cheers :) I do have a thing for dirty/grimy paintschemes!