Saturday, 24 April 2010

Kantor stand-in

Just to show off my new version of Pedro Kantor, the Crimson Fist Space Marine special character, for use in my personal Marine Chapter, the Shadow Wraiths.

I saw a similar conversion online, and having the Masters of the Chapter (lovely characterful miniatures) and being in need of a Kantor, I put this together. The storm bolter has a drum magazine from a Cadian grenade launcher and his head is from the new Space Wolf plastics. I've now stripped the original miniature, but the scheme will be very similar.

Let me know what you think! I should be painting him up in the next couple of weeks - I have some nifty ideas about running him with my new Sternguard :)


  1. oh that looks good, like the drum mag conversion on his storm bolter.

  2. I like the new head for him and the stormbolter looks mean with the ammo drum.

  3. Thanks :) I think the armour and weapons really add to the feel of the character being rather brutal...

    I'll be coming up with some background for him once he's painted!