Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I haven't been entirely lazy...

Just a very quick update to show what I've been working on over the past days since my last post...

3 Chaos Hounds - one very old (mk1), one from a plastic wolf (actually from a non-GW game, possibly licensed by them to Milton Bradley - Battle Masters) with a head from an old Chaos Hound (mk2) and resculpted slightly to fit the theme and to fill in a hole that was formerly occupied by a goblin rider and lastly, another GW Chaos Hound (mk3). 1 Space Marine Scout, of the Iron Talons Chapter - he's for use in games of 28mm Inquisitor and was also as a test for a possible small force of them. They're mentioned in Dark Creed, a Black Library book. Finally, another Sternguard. I'm also working on the next 3 and the Ezekiel-based Librarian.

Phew. More when I'm not very tired and rambling.

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