Friday, 2 April 2010

Inquisition Warband

In my recent attempts to get back into actually gaming rather than just letting my miniatures sit in the display cabinet, I've been having a games night once a week with a friend, generally Space Hulk and some Xbox360 co-op games, with lots of discussing possible campaigns and the like. Whilst looking through my collection of various rulebooks, army lists and codices, my friend picked up the Inquisitor rulebook - he's always liked the 54mm miniatures and has a few, so he asked about the game. I explained that quite a few people online play it in 28mm, which seemed to interest him... So here we are - Inquisitor campaign on the horizon!

This is my starting warband (possibly anyway...) with my Inquisitor (the limited edition Lorr), a hunter/scout (Necromunda Ratskin), ex-Mercenary with heavy machine gun (twin Miniguns...rather mental?) and an ex-Guard/ex-Navy Rating who once saved the Inquisitors life when the vessel they were travelling on was attacked by Ork pirates, leading to the Inquisitor offering him a job...
I very much like this miniature - managed to get him pretty darn cheap on eBay a few years ago, have been waiting to paint him up.

Feral World Hunter, an expert tracker and adept at setting up nasty ambushes... Lovely miniature, but I already have several Ratskin scouts for Necromunda. Thought he'd fit the warband well.

The ex-Guard ex-Navy Rating. One of the metal Catachan officers - I'd removed his bolt pistol a long time ago, which worked out well - he got a metal Stub gun from Necromunda, which will be a naval pistol. His chainsaw blade was swapped out for a Space Marine Scout sword, which ended up looking like a boarding cutlass, which I thought was rather great!

This gentleman isn't in the group photo, but he's a Mutant Gunslinger - twin revolvers, sword strapped to his back. He'll have skin similar to that of Quovandius in the Inquisitor rulebook, and a similar demeanour - he'd gladly die for his master, the Inquisitor. Gorkamorka plastic Ork body, Chaos Marauder plastic arms, pistols and hands from Heresy Miniatures, head from Ramshackle Games and sword on his back (not shown in pic) from the Corpse Cart.

The heavy weapon-toting ex-Mercenary. Carrying some decent hardware, pretty well armoured, I expect the sheer threat of that ruddy cannon to mean that he'll be the first target for any enemies on the board...

I also have a few different warbands in the works - I've been saving stuff up for a similar project to come along for ages!


  1. I've just finished the Eisenhorn omnibus and now i've got a bee in me bonnet to build an inquisitor and his retinue so i'll be following your progress with intrest.

  2. Yeah, the Eisenhorn trilogy always makes me need to make warbands - I can't think of any other 40k novel/series that just sums up the 40k universe for me. Giant military parades with archways that have their own climate? Titan heads in suspensor fields in AdMech buildings? Brilliant :)

  3. Your mutant gunslinger is freakin' killer! Can't wait to see them painted up...