Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Zomtober (and October!) Round-up

As usual, here's the round-up of my figures completed for Zomtober 2015...and less than usual, a round-up of my figures completed in the full month! I may try and keep this as a monthly post at the start of every new month, showing the figures I've completed the previous month.
My Zomtober 2015 selection! I may be slightly cheating here - there are 6 figures in there that don't specifically fit the description of zombie or survivor, but they're creepy and gore-slathered and I painted them in the month of October, so...

From the figures shown here we have:
  • 3 ex-Tengu Miniatures female zeds - one is a "special infected" of some kind, probably a Smoker
  • 6 Studio Miniatures plastic zeds
  • CP Models Night Horrors - these are two of the same miniature, but I've slightly reposed one of them to add a bit of variety - they're to be used as Lovecraftian creatures
  • Fenris Games Undead - again, two of the same miniature (actually the plastic version from the Cthulhu Wars boardgame and bought very cheaply from eBay) - one has been converted to be an Adherer (conversion idea borrowed from the brilliant Minis by Finch)
  • 4 Deep Ones - another Lovecraftian creature (and my favourite by far!) - Reaper Bones miniatures with slight conversions to give variety
13 miniatures completed that are definitely Zomtober related...plus 4 with a tenuous link (as in, they may appear in games with my modern zeds...)

I am satisfied with that! I have had a bunch of holidays in from work this month though, especially in the later part of the month, which is when I got some stuff done! I failed on the "one mini per week" aim, but hopefully made up for it!

But wait, there's more!

Here are the miniatures I completed in total for the month - I rediscovered these ants and maggots, started last year as low level dungeon critters and got them done in a night. I also needed more treasure counters for use in a Frostgrave game on Halloween evening, so got some of the tokens I'd built a few months back painted up.

Oh and I completed a load of unit bases for use in Lion/Dragon Rampant!
I'm now starting to work through this lot - the last of my assembled zombie-apocalypse stuff, plus Lovecraftian creatures! A few of the figures shown here are for post-apocalypse (more Fallout-y) rather than zomb-apoc.

Comments are most welcome - roll on Zomtober 2016! Great work by everyone!


  1. Fantastic load of goodness there Chris. Really cool to see them all together.

  2. Great group shots. Look forward to seeing what you do with those assorted Lovecraft horrors.

  3. Fabulous, what a cracking month you've had.

  4. Brilliant output both in quality and quantity. Awesome stuff and maximum kudos. :)

  5. Great months work dude! Looking forward to seeing the others too man.