Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Jackal-Pack - Updated

As part of a relatively recent rebasing crusade I decided to revisit these miniatures from the Black Hat Miniatures Cobalt-1 range. I originally based these on 25mm slotta bases, but I decided that they would suit 30mm bases instead, due to their loping gait. It also gave me a chance to weight their bases (with 2p coins) and I also revisited the paint jobs, updating a few bits here and there and adding rust.
If you're unfamiliar with the range and interested in Rogue Trader-era Warhammer 40k, have a look at the range - lots of interesting miniatures and sculpted by Bob Naismith, so they have that Oldhammer feel!
I intend to use these in some RT-style skirmish games at some point. Thanks for looking - comments are most welcome!


  1. Cool looking mini's! I do prefer the blue guy, since the blue pops out a lot more then the wolves.

  2. These look well cool. Lovely mix of muted browns and oranges.

  3. Nice find. Thanks for sharing the producer.
    I like your basing....is the blue guy have a slightly different one, or is it a shadow?

  4. Nice muted scheme - these sculpts look great!