Saturday, 29 August 2015

ZombApoc - Whisperers pt.2

The continuation of the The Walking Dead Whisperers gang - another five - these were actually completed a good few months back and are part of my crusade to get my posts up to date!
I wanted the gang of survivors to be a good mix of male and female - once again, I stuck with pistols and blades. The figures are a mix of the Wargames Factory Male and Female Survivors, with a mix of parts from the Studio Miniatures plastic zombies - these were particularly handy for arms showing them miming the movement-style of the walkers in order to help them blend in with the hordes they're travelling in. 
At the top of the page and the image above show the Whisperers in the comic - their clothing seems fairly non-descript - all the better to blend in with the hordes. You can also see the organised survivors from Rick's communities too - I must figure out a way to make some of those! They also utilise horses for travel.

Many thanks for reading - I hope you enjoyed the post and return for the next installment!


  1. They really are wonderfully disturbing!

  2. Great job again dude! Love the masks, awesome detail.

    1. Thanks Bob! I'm really chuffed with these :)

  3. These must be from after I stopped reading the comic. Wish the television show had been more in line with the story though, because it pales horribly in comparison.