Saturday, 22 August 2015

Game of Thrones - Nights Watch

Once again continuing the Game of Thrones project, here are my veteran Rangers of the Nightswatch. They're built from the metal Lord of the Rings Rangers of Gondor, which generally go for quite high prices second hand now, but I found these as an auction on eBay - I got the 6 miniatures for around £1 a figure and they went straight in the paint stripper.
I started these off in my normal method which goes like this; spray undercoat grey primer, then mix up a mid brown and basecoat everything including bases. Follow this up with scorched brown on the base, then when all of that is completely dry, drybrush tan all over, then drybrush stone grey all over. From here you've got a starting point where everything is picked out and ready to go - use thinned paints and washes to block the various parts in. Although the Nightswatch are known for wearing black, I didn't use a true black on anything but the bass edging - I used a lot of shades of brown-black and grey-black to paint their uniforms.
This guy is the one in charge - I was thinking of a grizzled veteran like Quorin Halfhand. The base figure was actually Faramir from Lord of the Rings. I remove his head and sword with a jewellers saw and replaced them with parts from the plastic kits from Gripping Beast - an axe from their Vikings and a head from the Dark Age Warriors kit. A little bit of modelling putty added fur to his collar to hide the join.
Finally, I got these figures of Boromir spare from various Lord of the Rings job lots I'd received - I thought I'd turn him into a member of the Nightswatch, as well as turning him into a severely injured objective marker. The arrows were missing from the figure and his sword was twisted at the end, so I decided to add replacement arrows from a paper clip and some foil, plus remove part of the sword to make it look like a broken blade.
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  1. These look gorgeous, really effective use of the miniatures

  2. Super cool. The blacks of the Night's Watch are so often described as being faded, your colours are spot on. These LOTR rangers make great Brothers!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment, Dai :) yeah, that was in my mind with these - I was really happy with the base figures and thought they'd fit the role well, glad you seem to agree!