Tuesday, 4 August 2015

#6MMRPC - Dark Ages - Viking Ulfhednar Berserkers

These are the Foundry Miniatures Ulfhednar Wolf Skin Berserkers - another delightful pack of figures! I very much enjoyed painting these - figures that are full of character and with just the right amount of details to be a pleasure to paint. Interestingly, there is the female berserker in this pack, which is not something I've previously heard of.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome - more berserkers to come! Thanks for reading!


  1. Look great fella! The female is modestly dressed as well for a change!

    1. In the one unit where dressing immodestly would make the most sense! I'm always on the search for sensibly dressed female Vikings - there's a blister of good ones from Foundry I need to pick up, plus the wonderful not-Lagertha from hasslefree and a pack from Brother Vinni that looks great! I will have my proper shieldmaidens!

  2. Man, that fat-zerker really is a cool mini!

    Such a great collection of wild norsemen (and woman) Chris!