Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Work in Progress - Fantasy Gladiators

I picked up some Reaper Bones Barbarians a while ago after seeing a great conversion on Facebook that I wanted to echo - the original was created by Rusty Painting - check out his blog for more great work!

Here's the first, based on the original conversion - I'd bought some of the brilliant Gladiator helmet sprues from CP Models for a Post-Apocalyptic Gladiator project that I also have planned and they were obviously perfect for this project! They're nice and chunky which suits the Reaper figures brilliantly! I also decided on a weapon swap and the best that I could find was this Tomb Kings khopesh which fit nicely with the posing of the figure. After a bit of drilling and gluing he was done apart from a little gapfilling.
The CP Models head sprues - check out their range!
This was the second Reaper Bones model - one of the chunkiest helmets seemed to suit this base figure nicely, as did a shield from Hasslefree Miniatures that has been in my bits box for years, plus the full arm and spear from a Warhammer plastic Marauder Horseman. 
Finally, and possibly my favourite - I had a spare Heroquest Barbarian with a broken sword - I carefully removed the head with a jewellers saw for a clean cut, replaced it with a perfect Gladiator helmet and replaced the broken sword with a scimtar from the old Warhammer plastic skeletons.

These have all since had gaps filled with putty, sand added to bases where required and they're undercoated - I'll be painting them in the next few months. I plan on eventually using them as a random encounter in some fantasy skirmish games and I'm still on the lookout for others to add to bring them up to a usable warband-size!

Thanks for reading - comments and questions are most welcome!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks very much Simon! Really tempting to add more to them to make them into a full warband!

  2. Those are some fantastic helms!

    1. Aren't they lovely! Really good value for money too, plus the service from CP Models is great!

  3. The HQ Barb conversion is very nice. Finally a good use for a damned ugly sculpt. :)

  4. These are really great conversion Chris! Did you ever finish them?
    Would love to see them