Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Terrain - Grave Mounds

A recent quick terrain project, inspired by a scenario over at The Stronghold Rebuilt.
These were really easy to build - MDF round bases, some washers glued to the top for weight, a chunk of polystyrene foam carved to the required shape and then rounded off with sandpaper. Glued to the base with No More Nails-type adhesive and a little stone was carved out of cork sheet and glued into place as a sort of entrance to the tomb. Sand and gravel was then added around the sides with PVA and then sand was added all over the mound with PVA. Leave to dry overnight and then paint in your normal basing method.
The final stages are to add flock (various types) and then I added a few green stuff mushrooms that I made a while back and the urns following the tutorial over at Gardens of Hecate. I searched online for esoteric alphabets to find the symbols to add to the entrance stones. It helped that I was watching Constantine at the time.
What really helps with these is the various types of flock that I used - a blend of static flock, a blend of sawdust flock and then some sawdust flock with a high amount of yellow - this makes for perfect patches of buttercups and similar weeds.

I used these recently in a grave robbing Song of Blades and Heroes scenario - it was a good one!
Comments and questions are welcome below!


  1. These look really nice next to your models bud! Might have to borrow the idea some day!

  2. I really like these. They turned out great, and have a great utility on the table.

  3. Excellent work. Simple but very effective and very good looking. :)

  4. A genius ideas, the urns are certainly an inspired touch.

  5. Yeah, I think I'll be stealing this idea sometime in the future. :) Lovely looking mounds.

  6. Quick yet look great nice work dude!