Sunday, 12 July 2015

Dark Eldar Raiding Force

The full Dark Eldar team - I showed the repairs to Urien a couple of days ago and these have also been rebased to suit my current style. I'm very happy with how they look - it's probably quite a nice little skirmish force for kill team-sized game - I could imagine them on a slave raid pitted against the various post-apocalyptic scavengers and survivors that I have!
I only have five of these Kaballites completed so far - the rest of the squad are basecoated and awaiting more work. 
The Wyches - the figures were painted around 5 years ago - I also took the opportunity to move all of the Dark Eldar figures to bases that have weights in the bottom as they were quite prone to falling over, being quite spindly.

Any comments or suggestions? I'm really happy with the way these now look! Seeing them makes me want to work on the others I have left over...some day!


  1. These could be cool for a slave raid on Hive Primus :)

    1. That's exactly the sort of game I'd be planning with them, with my Copplestone Scavengers being the potential slaves!

  2. Fantastic job. The bases work really well with this scheme, and look absolutely lovely Chris!