Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dark Ages - Anglo-Saxon Earls and Flemish Mercenaries

These figures are from Gripping Beast - the Anglo-Saxon historical figure Hereward the Wake, a unit of Flemish Mercenaries (a heavily-armoured Warrior unit choice) and another gentleman that I decided to use as a potential leader too - he's from the Welsh Teulu pack from GB and is a lovely sculpt.
I decided that I was going to paint them in the same sort of scheme - the plan being that the characters are father and son and the unit is their personal bodyguard. In SAGA I'd be using the Flemish Mercenaries as Hearthguard - I think they look suitably well-off and hardcore. The Mercenaries had the "open hand" that lots of historical figures come with - I generally very much dislike the look of this when the weapon options don't look properly gripped. With these, I removed the open hands and replaced them with suitable plastics from the GB range - I pinned them into place to make sure they wouldn't snap off in a slight breeze. The shields were part of the casts.
Not much in the way of changes to the base figures - Hereward's shield was originally the classic round shield, so I gave him a kite shield to fit with the rest of his bodyguard. This is probably historically inaccurate, but I'm pleased with the outcome! The colour scheme is probably inaccurate too (the uniform-look) but I wanted it to be easy to distinguish between these and the less professional soldiers in the army. 
Here's a close up on the shields that I've painted - I stuck to some pretty simple designs and added weathering.
Comments and suggestions are most welcome - many thanks for reading!


  1. Love the muted purple tying all these lovely warriors together. The wear and tear on the shields is very convincing as well.

  2. Thanks Dai! I'm really happy with how these have turned out!

  3. Lovely like the colour scheme. Like the worn and battered shields as well.