Thursday, 30 July 2015

#6MMRPC - Batman Miniatures Game - Bases

I thought that I'd give some close-up shots of the bases. I decided that I needed a bit more on them, other than the lovely grass tufts - to that end, I had a look online for newspapers from the Batman films and wanted posters
TDKR Bane's base - this is a wanted poster for Batman, which I thought suited the figure very well after the final events of The Dark Knight. I saved the image to my laptop and then pasted it into a Word document and rescaled it to a number of different sizes, which I then printed to see which would best fit the base. I cut out the best one with scalpel, distressed some of the edges and then applied it to the base with slightly watered PVA.
This was a newspaper with a headline along the lines of "Harvey Dent Joins Race for DA" - I followed the method noted above and glued it to the base.
This was another newspaper - in this case, the headline was "BATMAN saves whole family". Once the glue on them was dry I then washed them with Army Painter Strong Tone (very similar to the old GW Devlan Mud), followed by a later wash that I refer to as a "shit wash" - it's a pot of greyish-brownish watered-down paint that I use to finish off the gravel/sand on my bases.

I hope this inspires some interesting ideas for basing! Comments and suggestions are most welcome - thank you for reading!


  1. Nicely done, I am starting to see more & more of this type of addition to bases. It has me pondering my own Zombicide simple grey bland ones....

  2. Very nicely done. Very effective it looks as well

  3. That's a great tip, which I'm sure I will have to try at some point - thank you.

  4. Many thanks guys - hope it's helpful to someone - let me know if you do something similar :)

  5. Will be adding this to my arsenal of basing ideas. Thanks mate!

  6. Will be adding this to my arsenal of basing ideas. Thanks mate!