Friday, 23 January 2015

Dark Ages - Viking Warriors with Axe and Sword

I finished these plastic Viking warriors from Gripping Beast in December, but recently added some old-school flock to give their bases some more variety - I'm over the moon with how these now look. The hero (an old Citadel Norse figure) was the first figure I completed this year!
Here's a closer look at that flock blend - it's about 4 different sawdust flocks mixed together in a plastic food tub. I think it goes very well alongside the static flock blend I've used for the Dark Ages figures. I've also just finished these unit bases from Sally 4th this year - I thought they'd help my lazy ass when it comes to moving around units in SAGA!


  1. Very cool and the basing has certainly got me thinking that I need more flock in my life!

    1. Thanks Michael! I hadn't used "old fashioned" flock in years, but I'd seen a few modellers using it and it looked lovely, so here we are!