Monday, 8 September 2014

More meat for the grinder - New 6MMRPC participants!

Wow! We have more folks that are accepting the challenge to complete some painting projects over the next 6 months!
9. Stroezie is part of Planet Ares VI crew and is currently churning out some brilliant 6mm sci-fi scratchbuilds! Lovely stuff!
10. Dave C's blog can be found here: GreyHorde on the WAMP Forum. His collection is mainly fantasy-based, so we can expect to see some lovely fantasy stuff from him over the next six months!
11. The Mad Tin Hatter of the blog Mad Tin Hatter is focused on some lovely Flames of War figures, but the odd space ship pops up now and then...
12. Horsewood Inc. is the humble abode of Horsewood, who will be documenting his adventures in Warhammer 40k and some home-brewed projects...
13. Spiro Dotgeek's blog Pants of War catalogs his exploits in gaming with miniatures from a bunch of Games Workshops sadly defunct (yet utterly brilliant) "Specialist Games" lines. Hopefully we'll get to see some brilliant classic figures!
Welcome aboard everyone! Once again, you can find our Facebook group here and feel free to share the Challenge with your wargaming friends and blog followers - I look forward to seeing some freshly completed figures!

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