Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Giant Angler Crabs - Fantasy Fauna

I visited Whitby earlier in the year - I always love to look in the souvenir shops to find useful items for gaming. On this excursion I discovered these crabs, which were sold 3 for £1 in a shop that sells shells, fossils and crystals, as well as more touristy stuff. I thought these would be big alongside 28mm miniatures, but would work well in my Fantasy Skirmish setting, or even in Rogue Trader-ish 40k games and the post-apocalypse. 
The crabs were made from a vinyl plastic, similar to the Reaper Bones figures. I trimmed off the moldlines with a sharp scalpel blade and mounted them on 50mm lipped bases, as these were primarily for my Fantasy project. With these particular crabs I decided to add a bit of a fantasy twist, inspired by the fearsome angler fish - I used a bit of wire and some greenstuff to create a lure. I also superglued sand to their shell and legs to add a bit more texture for painting. These angler crabs bury themselves in the mud and silt at the bottom of a rivermouth or in a lake and leave their lure visible for their intended prey. In nature, snapping turtles also use a similar method... 
Here's a shot for scale, alongside the Viking Champion from the other day - quite a fearsome challenge for the average fighter! 
Finally, this is what they looked like to begin with - I've also finished the "normal" giant crabs (another three), so check back tomorrow for more!


  1. You've done a great job with them and the post-apoc suggestion makes me think of Fallout

  2. Those look great! Very nice re-purposing too.

  3. I love to see cheap tat being used in awesome ways :) Good Job

  4. Those are awesome. I love using cheap plastic toys for stuff.