Thursday, 28 August 2014


I've got quite a large warband of various Undead figures to complete for Song of Blades and Heroes and my RPG project - here's the first bunch, some ghouls...

The two adult male ghouls are Warhammer, the last metal edition of ghouls produced by Games Workshop, sculpted by Paul Muller.

The mother ghoul (with it hers? Is it...a snack?) and child ghoul are from the fantastic Heresy Miniatures (and are available as part of Andy's current Kickstarter, check it out!) and are also sculpted by Paul Muller!

Both the GW and Heresy figures are great - the mother and child certainly edge it due to the "ick" factor, but due to the shared sculptor they fit extremely well together!


On an off-topic note, I bloody love the Blogsy app for the iPad! The integration of Blogger, Instagram and Picasa is perfect!

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  1. I love these! I've got the mother and child in the paint queue, but had not seen the others before - very nice.