Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hordes of the Things - Dwarf-allied Giants (Behemoths)

These are the first figures for my Hordes of the Things Dwarf army, mocked up on their new bases. They're the mercenary Devil Dogs from Warmachine, bought from a friend a good few years back and intended for the post-apoc. 
I'm a recent convert to cork for scenic bases...
I like that their armour gives them slightly different proportions (or at least the feeling of this) - perfect for use as Giants (Behemoths) allied to my Dwarfs. I also bought the sheep shown yesterday to add to their bases as snacks/plunder. 
They'll have a few dwarf minders directing them in battle
This gent is armed with a large chain-net - in Warmachine they use them to entangle Warjacks. I like the idea of him entangling whole units with it in 10mm!

The rest of the army is currently taking a bath in some Fairy Power Spray. They're all Warmaster dwarfs - I'm particularly looking forward to splitting up the strips of Troll Slayers and making some interesting bases! 

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  1. fantastic, such a great idea just using 28mm figures for monstrously proportioned units in 10mm games..