Monday, 4 November 2013

Zomtober 2013 - Week 4 (belated...)

Again, better late than never! This is a Hasslefree Miniatures infected version of "Grant", mutated into a hulking creature. I'll be using him my zomb-apoc as a sort of "tank" zombie, but in Left 4 Dead terms he's more of a Charger. He's been finished for around a week (alongside not-Milla and the Hasslefree female survivor and not-Shaun, but they're lacking blood/gore and final details) but I've been preparing for a Halloween house party (which happened last night and was bloody brilliant!), meaning my hobby time has been somewhat shortened whilst painting masks, building wands (I went as a Death Eater from Harry Potter), fixing robes and making decorations for the house! I turned a cardboard box into a graveyard (running up the stairs) and made lots of other bits and pieces - I may post about this later in the week...

All in all, I've loved Zomtober - it allowed me to really get a good chunk of my zomb-apoc miniatures completed and it's spurred me on to play some zombie survival games sometime soon. I've also loved the output from the other blogs participating in it - really great stuff! I'll certainly be participating again next year - I'll also be putting together a round-up post to show everything I've completed in the last month!


  1. Great job. Its all in the spirit of zomtober which is getting figures that have been lurking on the painting table for to long off of it!

  2. Late, but worth the wait. Good job.

  3. Excellent stuff, and as said, better late than never. What were your totals (Zeds and Survivors) so I can add to my list? :)