Monday, 14 October 2013

Zomtober - Week 2 - Mad Mik, Sons of Desolation Biker

Meet Mad Mik, of the Sons of Desolation outlaw biker gang - my other finished figure for Week 2 of Zomtober 2013. His name is inspired by two things: one, whilst painting him I just happened to be watching Sons of Anarchy, and two, this comment on a picture of him (on Instagram) from Mik of Mik's Minis:
cygnus46This may be what I look like in twenty years.
A lovely figure from em4 Miniatures, who have a brilliant range of stuff that I'm using across my post-apoc, zomb-apoc and superhero projects. He's very chunky when alongside some of my other survivors (Hasslefree in particular) but I'm really happy with him - the paintjob really came together in the last stages. The head on the ground is that of a zombified not-Shaun of the Dead - I got a duplicate of the figure from the Studio Miniatures Indiegogo funder - I decapitated it and gave it a plastic head instead, so this was kicking about spare. I have a bunch more survivors to paint, but I will need to purchase extra- after the main horde is complete I'll be adding a few more survivors and then it'll be the really fun stuff - the Left 4 Dead-inspired "specials" - tanks, spitters, witches and so on! Looking forward to gaming with these at Halloween!


  1. Looks great; a mean looking dude who is not going to face the Zompocalypse without a fight. :)

  2. Very nice dude. Great name as well very fitting :D

  3. Nice. He looks like one of the Midnight Riders!

  4. Thanks guys, it's a lovely figure!