Friday, 11 October 2013

Zomtober 2013 - Week 2

Feeling pretty happy with myself again - here's my Zomtober 2013 Week 2 completed miniatures! The biker is an em4 Future Skirmish miniature and the feral ghouls are Mantic Games plastic zombies. Posting these a couple of nights before the deadline as I'm in work all weekend! I'll be posting about these individually throughout the week.


  1. Awesome buddy. I love the Mantic zomibies I think they are my favourites that I own so far. The Bikers ace I need to get me some of the EM4 to bulk out my own gang of bikers.

    1. Thanks Simon! The Mark Copplestone-sculpted stuff is always a pleasure to paint! Just the right amount of detail with bags of character!

  2. I agree- Copplestone sculpts are great to paint, and you did this one justice. I like the grey chest rug.

  3. Good work! Mantic zombies just have that feral frightening look to them!