Saturday, 20 April 2013

White Snakes Cartel - Red Spectre, Hired Assassin

The last member of the White Snakes Cartel, a hired assassin operating under the code-name Red Spectre
Red Spectre was hired to "rub" the leader of a rival cartel. The target was wiped out, but was revealed to be an undercover Judge. The fallout from the death of the Judge sent the White Snakes leader his confidants into hiding in a Cursed Earth enclave. Spectre agreed to accompany them for a hefty fee, adding some long-ranged skill to the force of crims...
Red Spectre is an Infinity miniature - I'm not sure which particular faction though, can anybody help me out? The only modification to the stock model was the removal of the long braid at the back of the helmet. I love the rifle she has, in game it'd be some sort of heavy las rifle. Another miniature that could easily work in Necromunda or Firefly-esque settings.

Comments? Questions? The last few models posted have actually been finished for a few months now...actually, around 6 months come to think of it! Bloody real life/work getting in the way!

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