Friday, 26 April 2013

Vault 21 - Hercules, Ghoul Gunslinger

Meet Hercules - the ghoulish gunslinging ex-Vaultie that can hole a bottlecap at 30 paces...
I wish Copplestone Castings would add more to the Future Wars range. There's lots of cool stuff there, but loads of space for more Fallout-inspired goodness! Herc is for my post-apoc project, but I do love multi-use miniatures - he could rather easily slot into the Dredd universe too!


  1. He'd work well in Deadlands and Malifaux as well! Oh, and in a WM Cryx army too!

    Looks great.

  2. Nice job. Theres loads of cool stuff the mr.Copplestone could add!

  3. I do love Copplestone's stuff, it's always got bags of character but his miniatures are always very clean...never overly detailed. Great figures!