Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sanctioned Psyker

Another new figure on the painting table - a Sanctioned Psyker. I've always liked these Imperial Guard figures - I love the uniform and the way it ties in visually with the Imperial Guard Commissars and other officers. I got this guy very cheap on eBay and made a very slight conversion with the wreathed skull from the Warhammer Fantasy Empire range.


  1. Nice! Love this fig too, on mine I put a little magnet in his hand and in a flame effect so he can look more like a pyromaniac wyrd.

    Side note, I like how you've linked instagram and your blog - any chance you can explain it?

  2. Thanks Tristan! That's an awesome idea!

    I've been meaning to write up a post about the Instagram widget I've started using (the sidebar) and posting certain updates in my main blog - I'm using a service called IFTTT - you create an account and it manages reposts/reblogs etc. I've set a trigger (the hashtag #blog) and anything I post on Instagram tagged with that is posted here! It's easier for me to post WIP shots and the like, it's also nice and interactive over on Instagram! This was inspired by Mik (Mik's Minis) and Spacejacker (Tiny Solitary Soldiers). Are you on Instagram?

  3. I am on instagram. I don't use it much for figure photos because my setup is non-existant and they usually need some editing to get to a mediocre level before posting. It's very interesting though, might give it a try.