Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ravenwing Maul

Just a quick post - I love this studded power maul from the new Dark Angels Ravenwing Command Squad:
Brilliantly brutal! I'm planning a small Carcharadons (Space Sharks) force and this seems to fit their character perfectly! I just bits-ordered 3 of them from eBay, which should keep me going for the time being!
It looks like it's based on the Japanese Tetsubo - very cool. I may not be very into 40k anymore (it seems like they go more overboard on the gothic-ness with every new release - too many skulls spoil the broth) but I love little bits and pieces like this! I've also bits-ordered a bunch of the Ravenwing shoulder pads and their pistol holsters (which are a bit nicer than the standard ones). I'm looking forward to receiving them!

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