Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fabius Bile

I know that I've been skimping on the painting updates recently - I've posted lots of work-in-progress conversions and the like - today is exactly the same! I'd planned on getting a few more hours of painting in but ended up cleaning up bits and pieces and putting together this guy...
Fabius Bile will be familiar to most Warhammer 40000 fans - he was the Chief Apothecary of the Emperors Children Legionne Astartes, who eventually betrayed the Emperor and swapped their allegiance to Slaanesh, the god of excess. Fabius is your general mad scientist-type character, attempting to unlock the secrets that the Emperor used in the creation of not only the Space Marines, but the Primarchs too. I've had the miniature, minus the Rod of Torment and one of the Chirurgeon (his medical-helper backpack) arms. I recently found the Rod of Torment cheap on eBay and replaced both arms with plastic parts from the Dark Eldar Talos kit. I love the way he's turned out - reminds me of an arachnid...

Fabius basically works as a freelancer in 40k, offering his skills to the highest bidder, getting paid in slavestock and geneseed. He'll fit nicely alongside my Chaos Renegades.


  1. I've got to admit the replacement arms look much better than the existing ones he come with.

  2. He actually did some training on commoragh with the haemonocoli so those arms suit him!

  3. Very nice kit bash. Really improves the model.

  4. Cheers guys! I'm happy with this, I'm now hatching plans to put together his enhanced bodyguards...