Thursday, 10 January 2013

All Praise to Grandfather Nurgle

I had a day off work yesterday and decided to get some work done on my long-planned kitbash plaguebearers - the above imagine shows the three plague-ridden daemons that I managed to finish building...

I have another 11 that are fully assembled and awaiting more greenstuff detailing - it's actually turned out to be quite time consuming! I'm using some Gors, Ungors and Kroot as the basic bodies, heads from Heresy Miniatures blights and a few leftovers from the plastic Plaguebearer kit with arms from all over the place. These, plus the 10 new plastics, plus 10 of the last-edition metals leaves me with a lovely 34 Plaguebearers for my daemon force - is it a coincidence that Army Painter is re-releasing the Necrotic Flesh spray undercoat in a week or so? I think not.

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