Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wound Markers

Despite my horrendous lack of posts recently, I have managed to get various bits and pieces finished. My wargames bench is now in working condition - there will be an update in the near future showing it off! I enlisted the help of my dad (who is a joiner by trade and is used to chopping up bits of wood and making them work as functional objects - just what I needed) and supplied the majority of the materials. There's still a little filling to do, but overall I'm extremely happy.

I'm yet to have a game of anything on it though - it's only been used as a Christmas gift wrapping station...

When I finally manage to have my first game, I wanted plenty of wound counters - I loved the tutorial for the above counters over at Anatoli's Game Room. Brilliant result, very simple, a nice little project that took hardly any time to finish. I used Tamiya Clear Red, my go-to source of fresh blood, mixed with a little of the old Citadel Brown Ink. Perfect.

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  1. Nice work on the counters, look forward to your first game report on your new table.