Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Necromundan Pit-Slave

My first conversion from the brilliant Chaos Cultists in the Dark Vengeance box - a Pit-Slave with shears.
I love these figures! This one is probably one of the most "Chaosy" out of the bunch of them. With an arm swap and some judicious shaving (there was a little cult symbol and some scarring on his chest to remove) it was easy to create a whole new character. I've been painting him up tonight - the little lumps on his back will be scarring from previous stimm-shunts to keep him up and working. Pictures of the finished model will be shown relatively soon! The cultists pretty much paint themselves!


  1. Very cool - this is exactly why I wanted a bunch of the cultists - so I could make a ton of scaavy models so I can have a huge scaavy gang that doubles as cultists. Looking forward to seeing it with paint!

  2. Great example of how a simple conversion can go a very long way. Nice work.