Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wound Markers Tutorial

I absolutely love this idea for wound markers from Anatoli's Game Room - I ordered a couple of sets of the plastic counters from em4 miniatures straight away when Anatoli directed me to his tutorial. Time to break out the red ink or Tamiya clear red!
I obviously couldn't resist adding to the leadpile whilst ordering - I have some Celtic-lookin' humans for my next faction for Skulldred/SoBH (from the big pile of Celtos figures purchased from a friend). They needed a bit of back-up - I thought these classic (Grenadier originally, according to their bases) Wood Elves could work nicely! Lovely figures, lovely price (£1.28 each!) - the leader in particular is a fantastic figure! So my current plan is Celtic humans + Wood Elf alliance, led by the GW Albion Truthsayer...

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