Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Welcome to the Jungle: Redux

I finally got around to working on some more jungle terrain for my collection! I recently found the laser-cut terrain templates from East Riding Miniatures whilst trawling the net and loved the idea! The main thing about putting out a load of these was actually carving up their bases (tedious without a fretsaw, plus rather messy!) so these are great.
These are the "Medium" bases - I was a bit worried that they were rather small when I first opened up the package on Friday, but I'm really happy with them!
The bases used above are the "Small" bases - I had the same worry with these, that they were a bit too small to be used, but they've worked out really well when cluttered with stuff. For all of the new bases I've used some combination of natural cork, aquarium plants, lotus seed heads plus a bunch of rocks that I picked up in my grandma's garden a few years ago. Feels kinda cool to use them here!
These are some rubble piles I created a while back as a sort of "insert" for the ruins I made earlier - I do intend to go back to the ruins and finish my plan to build another 6 or so. The idea behind these is for flexibility and to avoid the whole "Hey guys, someone ruddy cleaned up the whole wasteland after bombing the shite out of it!"-look that you can sometimes see...

I've been adding plaster to these, to cover up the hot glue used - I've also just finished adding gravel and sand to all of the 12 new bases


  1. These look great, good terrain makes a big difference, well done.

  2. Cheers guys - really happy with how quickly these have been finished (just need to brush off the excess flock and they're done!).