Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wasteland Convict

Stuck this guy to a base and cleaned up some moldlines, then based him up. He's next on the painting block for a few reasons...

a) I wanted a break from terrain building (as much as I love that!).
b) I haven't painted in ages and just got a couple of new paints/waterpots/palettes.
c) I just got a new Humbrol spray colour (Dark Brown, although it's not really dark...) that I wanted to try out.
d) I wanted a painted "size comparison" figure to model my terrain pieces!

Fairly simple base, a little jerrycan from who knows where, suitably beaten up...

I got the figure a while back in a cheap
 eBay auction - I love Kal Jerico and Scabbs! Planning on painting him up as an escaped convict stuck out in the middle of the wasteland though...

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