Saturday, 26 May 2012

SoBH/Skulldred Orcs and Goblins

I bought most of this lot, plus some Celtic-looking humans, from an online buddy who no longer needed them. I thought they'd make a perfect Songs of Blades and Heroes or Skulldred warband with a new paintjob and a couple of additions - I've been planning various warbands and picking up a few different miniatures here and there to make those plans a reality...
The boss, with a bloody great sword! I have a shield with some Celtic designs on it that should fit him well.
The lads - orcs with swords and shields (not pictured).
Gobs with bows.

The shaman (who will be a different "type" of orc, probably a greenskin where the rest will be browny-reds).
The big 'un - a troll from Battle for Skull Pass. I've toned down the dwarvish elements (the smashed dwarf statue, the jewellery) to better suit the warband. 

My intent is to build various different warbands that can be used in SoBH or Skulldred for pick-up games between me and my friends. Once I've finished these and another warband, I'll pick up the Arcane Ruins Warhammer Fantasy terrain set, and the Ruins of Osgiliath LotR terrain set - used alongside various bits and pieces I currently have, they should give me enough terrain for some games!

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