Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Justice Department Strike Team complete!

 In my quickest purchase-to-painted turnaround in ages, I have finished my Justice Department Strike Team!
Judge Dredd.
Judge Woodward.
Judge Newcombe.

Med-Judge Len.
Tek-Judge Ashford.
Cadet-Judge Aspen.

Comments most welcome! These will be thrown against my post-apoc raiders and scavengers, as well as various Necromunda gangs (Orlocks and Eschers). They'll be fighting in the Cursed Earth or on a frontier world. I'm rather happy with them - I received them last Tuesday (22nd May) and they were finished last night, which is a very good turnaround for me!

I'm now working on the shanty terrain I built a few weeks back - I want to get them and my terrain mat pretty much done on my next rotation off!


  1. That is a fantastic result!

    Now to put on Anthrax "I am the law"