Saturday, 7 April 2012

Seen on the Forums: Nurgle Ogres and Hobgoblins

Discovered this thread recently on Warseer - Chaos nurgle ogres - Extreme makeover edition - absolutely brilliant stuff! I always enjoy Animerik's threads - they're generally filled with amazing conversions using parts from across the Games Workshop miniature ranges, combined with lovely sculpting and fantastic painting!
Animerik has previously worked on a Warriors of Chaos army for Fantasy that was one of the deciding factors in my choice to go for a gritty Chaos force. This most recent painting log has pretty much forced me to find a bunch of Gnoblar heads (through various online trades) and a load of Lord of the Rings Mordor Orcs from a friend in order to start a small warband of them for Songs of Blades and Heroes.
I just plain love these conversions. Probably the best kitbashed Hobgoblins I've ever seen! Pretty darn cheap too, given that they're plastic with the addition of various bits. I'm very much looking forward to receiving the parts for these in the post and getting converting! Check out that thread for more!


  1. Those orges are fantastic, the bases a little large, but the miniatures themselves put mine to shame. Thanks for that :P

  2. Hah! They're not mine, so it makes me feel bad too! But I love the grimy aesthetic and the sculpted parts! Did you check out the thread on Warseer? He has other cool stuff up too! The bombardier ogre is rather decent so far :)

  3. The ogres make me wish I'd could quit my job and paint all day until I was capable of the same.