Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Company Spotlight: Warploque Miniatures

I've been meaning to order something from Warploque Miniatures for a good while now - WarplockMonkey has some real skill when it comes to anatomy.
I love the monster-hunting not-Van Pelt (from Jumanji), the heads for the future Minotaur (available as a bits pack, with a boar, elk and classic bull), the brilliant giant and in particular; the halflings! 
I've been on a real hobbit/halfling fix recently, as I've been listening to the audiobook version of Fellowship of the Ring whilst painting - I'm very much looking forward to Warploque releasing the halflings they're currently on with - the Poacher and Trollhound in particular! You can see what's coming up next on the WIP Warploque thread on WarSeer.

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  1. Great sculpts, hark back to the golden years of Citadel. Very characterful. ;)