Saturday, 5 November 2011

Terrain Crusade - Dinosaur Skeletons

I managed to finish this lot last night - I'm going to take a slight break from the terrain to paint some miniatures, but more ruins and jungles will be incoming!


  1. Looks like you and your terrain had their Sunday Best on when you threw this post up. I hope you don't mind me giving your blog a shout out on my weekly themed top x. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  2. Great work. Where did you get the bones from?

  3. Thanks very much guys!

    HOTpanda - Whoa, that's ace! Cheers for that :)

    RTGamer - They're from toy dinosaur skeletons - you can find them in various toy shops and museum gift shops, but these were picked up super-cheap in a pound shop! One half-missing T-Rex skellie was provided by my flatmate's younger brother and I'd bought four. With some MDF for basing, a few rocks from the garden and some hot-glue, these worked out rather nicely (I think!) and super-cheap!