Sunday, 23 October 2011

I Love Poundshops!

The spoils of my recent trip to Poundland in my local town;

  • Two more dinosaur skeletons - this time a carnosaur of some sort, perhaps even a T-Rex. Needless to say, my dino boneyard is growing. Over the past two days I have another 3 bases of dinosaur skeletons, with another 3 skeletons left to loot.
  • A bendy bus (that unfortunately does not bend...) - this will be burnt out once I've smashed it up and repainted.
  • A Fire Engine - I have already done some work to this one, a surprisingly nice toy. Unfortunately, it is rather un-detailed in parts (although the ladder actually extends, which is nice!). I've cut out the windows at the front (they were just the red plastic as with the rest of the truck, but with stickers for detail) and cut down the wheels to appear as if they have exploded when the truck will have burnt out. Yes, it's going to be burnt to a crisp once I've finished with it!
I always pop into the couple of pound shops in my town, as I am on the prowl for standard vehicles to trash. This was one of the better hauls!


  1. Interesting to see you are another scavenger if the pound shops. Might Simo over on our blog seems to love them for terrain and modelling, clearly I need to have another look and try to see what you guys see.

    With all the post apocalyptic terrain and the references to Fallout You have mentioned before have you considered making a version on the capital waste land as a gaming board?

  2. I do find a lot of inspiration in the Fallout universe - there's lots of stuff that I love in those games! As for a gamesboard, I have made a 4ft by 4ft board that matches the bases on my terrain - the setting that I had in mind for my games is a post-apocalyptic mashup of Fallout, Borderlands and Firefly, possibly set in the 40k universe on a wasteworld/border planet. I have been meaning to put this to paper (just to solidify my setting), but have yet to get around to it. I really want to play some games soon, so I'll need to make some notes and finally do it! If you'd like to see more of my post-apoc Fallout/Borderlands inspired stuff, check the tags on my blog for Wasteland and post-apocalyptic :)

    Thanks for your input, it's appreciated!

  3. Could you do a HOW TO WRECK A CAR ? Would be cool as I need some smashed cars as well.

  4. Nice find you git. I never seem to find these bargains.