Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Boneyard

This weekend I managed to get a few more dino skeleton bases worked on - I feel like a taxidermist, taking apart the legs and stringing them back together with wire in order to get a decent pose on the bases. 
In the above picture you can see where I have pinned the leg so I can modify it to be attached to the base, as well as the areas in which I've used offcuts of foamboard and a stone to lend some support to the skeleton, so it has landed in a natural pose when it has died. I'll be using the green model filler to hide any joins and adding plenty of gravel and sand! I have another few bases planned and that's it for the dinosaurs - when matched with the jungle terrain I have (which will be expanded) they should be enough to cover a 4ft by 4ft board perfectly!


  1. That reminds me, I worked for 34 years at the Natural History Museum. J

  2. This looks absolutely stunning!!!

    I want to get hold of these as well, good work!

  3. Thanks very much guys! They'll be painted soon, as well as the 3 new ones!