Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Upir' Likhyi

A rather rubbish photo, but most of the details should be visible - this is the start of my Undead warband for Mordheim - a vampiric nobleman. I picked up the figure rather cheap still-in-blister from eBay a few years back. The sword the original figure comes with is absolutely rubbish, a clunky piece of...well, it's just not good. I replaced it with a plastic sword and hand from the current Vampire Counts skeleton plastics. It's one of the fanciest ones from the kit, with a lovely bat-shaped pommel. 

At the moment I have the plastic necromancer and the four zombies from from the corpse cart, a number of zombies converted and resculpted by my friend Si, a couple of Heresy ghouls - the ghoul hag (eating baby) and ghoul child plus various mixed plastics to turn into more zombies and dregs.

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  1. The sword you have used looks much better than the orginal can't wait to see it painted