Monday, 29 August 2011

Terrain Crusade

And thus it begins...

I've finally managed to start my small terrain-building crusade I've had planned for about 6 months - above is the first of the 8 or so ruined buildings I'm planning on starting with. I'm keeping them very basic - no bullet holes or anything of that sort, just ruined, burned out buildings. My reasoning behind this is so I can use them with any of the genres I have games planned for - be it 40k, Mordheim, Weird WWII, Zomb-Apoc etc. - for each of these I will have terrain that is a bit more specific, but generic ruins should work nicely to begin with...


  1. this is brilliant. i would love a quick run-through of how you did this as i am going to be building myself a table with similar objectives in mind (multiple systems).

  2. Looks perfect for any of the games you mentioned. I can't wait to see several of them completed on a table together.


  3. Nice man really nice, I love the fact that you have the blast holes eating into the internal flooring, it's a detail most people tend to neglect.

    Is it foam core?

    Looking great!


  4. Very nice start. What material are you using?

  5. Thanks very much guys :)

    Atreides - I'll make a little tutorial once I've got a few of these built! Ta for the nice comment!

    The material used is foamboard/core, quite a simple material to work with and the textured paint I've mixed hides joins and generally meshes it all together quite nicely :) Cheap to pick up on eBay!

  6. Great stuff. 8 sounds about right, finish 1 and you might not get onto the others, do all 8 at the same time and you have a much better chance of gettign through the lot. Looks great.