Saturday, 25 June 2011

Zombies Ahead!

One of my current projects is ZombApoc - I'm aiming for a nice big horde of zombies (around about 50) plus specials (tanks, hunters, boomers etc. - Left 4 Dead being the main inspiration) and a small collection of survivors. I have bought a lot of the miniatures already, with around about half of the zombies having been painted last year - here's my next 8:
Above we have two Studio Miniatures zombies, a Horrorclix zombie cop and a Heroquest plastic zombie. The Heroquest figure is mainly in there as filler...
Here we have a Horrorclix zombie patient, two more Studio Miniatures zombies and a Horrorclix zombie lawyer.

I realise that the Horrorclix figures might be slightly too big, but when mixed into the larger groups the scale difference isn't quite as noticeable! I'm more than happy to put up with it for the value and variety that they provide.


  1. NomNomNom Brains....
    I like my classic zombies.

  2. Good job. The HC repaints will be fine to mix in. Will 50 be enough? :)

  3. Classic slow zombies ftw :) Always been my preference!

    Ad - pretty happy with the variety the HC zombs add to the group! 50 may just be enough, although I'm pretty sure I'll end up adding more. Probably another pack or two of the Studio zombies, as well as a couple of packs from Tengu for variety. It never ends...

  4. Nice work here, but, if your biggest problem about the Horrclix is about the "scale", why don't you try my "experimental technique"??
    Just one thing, try it first on an expendable miniature... ;)
    Soon I'll publish an article about rescaled and repainted clix...
    Hope this helps..

  5. Cheers Gnotta :) I've used acetone to remove the paint from 'clix in the past, but with these I'm happy enough with the repaints!